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Voice over IP (VoIP) and Data Services Consulting

Agile Networks’ mission is to connect our clients to the highest quality communications service providers for Voice and Data, while securing the lowest possible rate structure. Our auditing services include reviews of invoices and contracts, rate negotiations, and vendor selection. Our private consultancy practice includes all aspects of telecom, but focuses on disaster recovery and business continuity planning. The company serves as a resource to companies seeking an analytical and informed vendor audit and vendor selection process; amid the complex telecom market where service outages are common, overcharging is almost customary, and overpaying is rampant.

Agile Networks execute a five-step assessment and recommendation process with each client.

1. Assess client voice and data needs

Our first step is always to develop a thorough understanding of our clients' telecom needs, both present and future. This serves as the lens through which Agile Networks assesses current provider relationships, and it informs any recommended changes. This initial meeting also serves as our opportunity to gather invoices and contracts from current providers to initiate the audit.

2. Audit current local, long distance and data invoices and contracts

Agile Networks can often exact substantial savings from existing providers through the audit process. This includes identifying and rectifying any current billing errors, eliminating unauthorized or extraneous fees, and identifying rate reduction opportunities with the clients' current provider(s). Agile Networks will manage all communication and negotiation with the provider.

3. Identify alternative suppliers for the clients' telecom services

Agile Networks maintains relationships with over 10 preferred telecom providers which we screen with consideration of quality, cost, service capability, and the financial stability of the provider. Our analysts match our clients' needs with the optimal preferred vendors to form our recommendation.

4. Provide a formal recommendation / implementation

After Agile Networks presents the recommendation document; we implement approved changes on behalf of our clients, both with existing vendors, and any new vendors which may be added to the mix.

5. Monthly analysis of client bills with consideration for changes in the voice and data market

Agile Networks continues to analyze our clients' invoices and contracts after the recommendation is implemented to ensure that they capitalize on opportunities that the fluctuating market.