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What is Infinity VoIP?

As a leading vendor of telecommunications equipment and services, Agile Networks created the Infinity VoIP family of products with the customer in mind. Designed with such tremendous business features including, Customer Portal with complete access to the system, Disaster Recovery, Conference Bridge, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and Complete Flexibility. Using the latest technology with Infinity VoIP we offer our customers the highest Quality of Service (QoS) to provide the best sound available!

Quality of Service

We believe that by delivering the highest-quality service to your business it allows you to focus on what you do best, growing your business and servicing your customers. Our employees and technology make the difference, and a consistent drive to improve across the board is what keeps our customers coming back.

End-to-End Quality

From our crystal clear High-Definition sound, based on a state of the art network and VoIP optimized infrastructure, to our Voice Management device, for insuring your data network is prioritized for Infinity Hosted PBX and VoIP services, Agile Networks is 100% focused on quality, reliability, and business continuity. We serve a range of customers, from 5 to 100 users with multiple locations that rely on our Infinity VoIP solutions every day, including Medical Offices, Manufacturing Companies, Retail Outlets and Call Centers.


Infinity VoIP is the right solution for any growing business. With our “cloud” based architecture, all it takes is an easy phone call and your services can be expanded without expensive traditional PBX hardware. So whether your office has 4 employees or more than 400 employees, there is room to grow with Infinity VoIP from Agile Networks. No matter how much you grow with us, remember, you always have control over your services through our easy-to-use Customer Portal.
Through our friendly customer support team we can dispatch a certified technician to help reach your business communication goals and provide the support needed to add to your existing solution. There is never a penalty or termination fee to expand your services with Agile Networks and our expansive Infinity VoIP products.

Keep Your Numbers

Been in business for many years? Worked hard to get your customers familiar with your phone number? No need to worry. With Infinity VoIP services, Agile Networks can easily move your number from any area (known as porting). Yes, that number you pay extra for remote call forwarding or per-call charges can be moved anywhere using Infinity VoIP without additional fees or surcharges.
Another major advantage to Infinity VoIP services is that when you move your office, you still get to keep your numbers. The old telephone companies can force you to switch phone numbers even if you move a block away, but with our advanced technologies and flexibility you can keep your numbers, even the ones from remote offices no matter where they are in the United States.

DID (Direct Inward Dial)

Infinity VoIP Hosted PBX and SIP/PRI Services also offer you the ability to assign numbers to each individual user or just particular users. You can also setup an Auto Attendant and provide callers with extension numbers for users and departments. We also allow YOU to control the phone number that your customers see when you call them (Caller ID).


At Agile Networks your safety is an important thing and it’s important for us to review the 911 features of Infinity Hosted PBX and VoIP services. The Infinity VoIP 911 dialing feature must be activated in order to use the services at all times. It’s easy; you simply provide us with the current information needed to alert any emergency services to your location(s) when your services are configured. Once you are an existing customer you will have the ability to update this yourself anytime through the Customer Portal.

Traveling with E911

Unlike traditional phone lines, you can move your Infinity Hosted PBX phone and VoIP services anywhere with a broadband connection and make calls. For 911, we use the phone number you present as Caller ID from the phone you are dialing off of, and the address associated with that number, to route your call to the correct location. When you move or travel with your Infinity VoIP phone services, you must update your E911 location in advance. We will notify you via email confirmation that your service is active for E911 dialing at your current location.

Business Continuity

Infinity VoIP services offer more business continuity options compared with traditional telecommunications solutions and providers. Our business continuity services offer your organization the ability to function even after a disastrous event. This is accomplished through the deployment of redundant hardware and software, the use of fault tolerant systems, as well as a solid backup and recovery strategy based on the industry’s best practices.

A Few Business Continuity Benefits:

While there are many benefits to our services, here are just a few to help you assess our services:

  • Infinity VoIP servers are centrally managed at highly redundant facilities. Just as important, you can simply move your phones to a new location with internet connectivity, and you are back in business.
  • Automatic re-routing of calls in the event of an outage. Your Infinity VoIP service offers the ability to have your calls automatically re-routed in the event of local service outage. That means you remain in contact with your customers.

Redundant connectivity options are available for mission critical voice communications. Infinity VoIP customers can implement a number of proven solutions such as redundant broadband connections and redundant provider solutions to assure maximum uptime and voice communications.

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